You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

Director. 황보새별 HANGBO Saebyul

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In the midst of losing a loved one, the survivors try to move on, knowing that the departed would wish for them to live a happy and meaningful life.


Korea 2016 8min 52sec DCP Color Animation

  황보새별 HANGBO Saebyul

1985년 서울에서 출생했고, 2014년 건국대학교 영화영상학과 대학원 과정을 수료했다.

<You are my sunshine>은 그녀의 네 번째 독립단편애니메이션이다.

그녀의 전작 <지워버리다>, <VIEWPOINT>, <디스크조각모음>은 다양한 영화제에 초청받아 상영된 바 있다.

Born in 1985 Graduated from Konkuk University in 2014. <You are my sunshine> is her 4th independent short animation. Her works Rubout, VIEWPOINT, Defragmentation were invited to numerous international film festivals.

  상영 스케쥴 Schedule

Date Time Theater
2018.08.18 14:00

CGV순천 7관 / CGV Suncheon 7

2018.08.19 11:00

CGV순천 8관 / CGV Suncheon 8

2018.08.21 19:00

CGV순천 8관 / CGV Suncheon 8